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THIELE is a steel processing company that manufactures chains, associated forged products and complete chain systems. Our products are used throughout the world for the mining and conveyance of mineral resources, the conveyance of bulk materials in industry and the moving, lifting and securing of valuable cargo.

The customer loyalty and customer satisfaction we enjoy are the result of our fair market prices, high quality standards and our dedication to always having the products ready for delivery that our customers need.

It is our aim to continuously improve our processes and give our customers a competitive edge with innovative products. To ensure this, every product is subjected to our extensive quality control process and tested in accordance with the stipulations of our QM system. The conscientious application of our QM system and particularly the quality control measures that each product undergoes ensure that we fulfil all of our contractual, legal and other requirements. This comprehensive quality concept includes and applies to all of our employees. Every employee is aware of the importance of his or her work and committed to the company’s zero-error strategy. The employees selected for each task are chosen on the basis of their skills and know-how and they receive additional technical, organisational and linguistic training as required in order to meet the needs of tomorrow.