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Conveyor Chains and Lifting Products for Forestry and Farming

Conveyor Chains and Lifting Products for Forestry and Farming


Yellow THIELE Grade 80 round steel chains for the tough demands of the forestry industry can be supplemented with numerous components.

Yellow chains: easy to find in snow, foliage, forests and meadows.

The versions moving chain – for the movement of timber (especially strong timber) - and choker chain – gathering numerous trunks together (choking) that have small circumferences (especially small-dimensioned wood) – cover the entire working spectrum of the forestry industry.

We manufacture special round steel chains for transport and conveying devices for forestry and farming uses – for dung spreaders, silage trailers, dosing devices and decomposition equipment – in accordance with DIN 32895, the THIELE factory standard and special customer specifications. We can of course also supply you with the suitable connecting links and other accessories.

Additional information on each of the forestry and farming sector products can be found » here.

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